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We propose a unique experience – to visit, from the sea, one of the rarest paradises on earth …

Dufour 40 - Improved stiffness under sail, gentle passage through the waves, very seakindly, excelent ergonomics of the cockpit and deck.

Lagoon 380 - Is the product of many years' experience and research and has been very well planned. The curved saloon offers 360º view through the portholes and large bay windows.


Our Fleet

Dufour 40 and Lagoon 380


There are nine major Azores islands and an islet cluster, in three main groups. These are Flores and Corvo, to the west; Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the centre; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas Reef to the east. They extend for more than 600 km (370 mi) and lie in a northwest-southeast direction. Read More.

Atlantic Pearl

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